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Being a homeschooling mom myself, I felt the pressures of facing the high school years; of needing to have-the-ability to teach high school math, science, and such. As I began praying about these pressures, I realized that there's a trend among homeschooling families. Most of them were facing the same decisions that we were; having to choose between enrolling our children in school or finding some other way to continue educating our high school age children. We all truly believe homeschooling to be God’s plan for our families, so with that being the case and the fact that so many parents were praying, God showed me a way. H.O.M.E. Education! (Helping Other Mothers Educate)

H.O.M.E. Education is a unique and exciting opportunity for homeschooling parents and students, and we believe partnering with the parents to provide an excellent Christ-centered education to be a privilege. The reason we say, partnering is because we whole-heartedly believe the parents are completely responsible for their child’s education and we fully acknowledge the parents as the final authority in their child’s education. The “Instructor” is the facilitator of learning for the subject being taught. Even though the Instructor keeps academic records for their classes, the parents have the final authority to modify their child’s grade according to their experience with the child at home.

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