New Students

We are dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. While we embrace a diverse student body, our admissions policy does not accommodate individuals who have faced previous expulsions from other educational institutions or homeschool programs.

Complete the following steps for enrollment:

  • K-6th grade students along with their parents will be required to attend and participate in an interview with an admissions representative, as part of the admissions process.
  • 7th-12th grade students and parents will both be required to attend and participate in separate interviews with an admissions representative, as part of the admissions process.

Fill out the form below.


Include the following items to be uploaded with your form:

Report card or transcript from school or homeschool program.
Student paragraph.
(4th – 12th grade only, details below)


$105.00 application fee

(This fee will be applied towards registration if the student is accepted into the program.)

Questions for Student Paragraph:

1. Why are you interested in attending classes at HC?

2. What contributions have you made to your current school or homeschool learning center?

3. How might HC benefit from having you enrolled in our program? In other words, what are your strongest personality traits, academic talents, activities, contributions, etc.

4. What are three adjectives that you would use to describe yourself?
(Parents of students in 4th – 6th grades, please help your child answer the questions to the best of their ability. 7th -12th grade students are expected to complete the paragraph on their own.)

Student Information

Students Name(Required)

Has the student applying for admissions ever been:

A discipline problem?
Expelled from a school or homeschool program?

Parent Information

Father's Name
Mother's Name


(at least 2 references are required)
Reference 1(Required)
Reference 2(Required)


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Max. file size: 128 MB, Max. files: 4.

    Application Fee

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    (to be applied towards the registration fee if accepted.)

    The admissions process could take up to four weeks to complete. The sooner all required steps are completed and all documents are turned in, the sooner you will receive your admissions decision.